Self reminder.

I keep losing the note where I keep track of the things I need to find out or do before I leave off in 40 days, so I figured I should make a temp post instead:

  1. Find out about accommodation from January to March
  2. Decide whether or not you should 上京 for countdown (and do some googling on temples and shrines for that and 初詣) 
  3. Make a list of potential jobs you should send resume to when you get there
  4. Find out about the structure and format of resume, and if you can use the present Canadian one
  5. Go take id picture and tie your friggin' hair up this time
  6. Find out about cell phones and the black SIM for iPhone from Softbank
  7. Read more about Shinsei Bank and find out if there are any better alternative banks that are gaijin friendly
  8. Decide which one to get: Lumix GF-1 or Lumix LX-5 (Sigh... the battle between sensor size and machine size) **Will get LX-5!!   But white or black Black it is!
  9. Find out if the practicum for TESOL will end in time for the trip **Yes it will
  10. Make a study plan for JLPT
  11. Look for boulangerie and pâtisserie courses that are doable over unemployed days abroad
  12. Get iPhone unlocked
  13. Make up a list of things you must bring to Japan and try to eliminate junk from that list bit by bit
  14. Meet up with Kei and Yoshi before they leave Vancouver... and talk them into visiting Osaka when you get there XDD
  15. Download offline maps from app store
  16. Find out about health and dental insurance
  17. Jot down, in hard copy, where to extend VISA and places for documents etc.
  18. Make a copy of the bookstores in Osaka that take JLPT registrations
  19. Stop current contract with Fido
  20. Pack up old desktop and organize textbooks for sale
  21. ......coming soon......or not......
And class starts tomorrow (already?) on a 0900-1600, Mon-Fri schedule. Heard that there will be LOTS of homework and the course is hella intense, with crazy people participating as if they're facing a tank.

D la, I've relaxed for toooo long, I don't even know if I can jot notes crazy fast anymore... the undergrad crim program was so relaxing too... come to think of it, the only time I've worked really hard and was fully mentally engaged was back when I was prepping for the provincials, which was a good 4 years ago (only? university felt like forever!!)... crap, now I'm really doubting if I can handle TESOL well. 

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