Just incase I feel like buying the G3 again:

  1. You don't need another camera.
  2. You have a nice camera already.
  3. You don't even use your LX5 that often.
  4. Changing lenses is such a pain in the ass.
  5. Dust will go into the sensor.
  6. That means you'll have to carry around a cleaner as well.
  7. That sucks.
  8. It's not convenient to carry around, even in your bag.
  9. Because you're lazy.
  10. It's a pain to charge batteries and it runs low quickly.
  11. They don't have red in Japan or HKG!!
  12. White looks cheap and brown looks pretty but not bold enough for you.
  13. The 20mm F1.7 pancake lens is too expensive!!
  14. With that money you can buy another LX5 (though you don't need to).
  15. You already bought an expensive toy this year.
  16. With that 60000yen, you can buy a new hand bag.
  17. You want to be a girl, not an otaku.
  18. You need more experience and practice before moving onto the road of photography otaku.
  19. You don't go out often enough to be taking pictures with a better camera.
  20. You would rather get a new cell phone.
  21. Or, you would rather to buy a new coat, hand bag, AND a new watch.
  22. See, you can buy so many new things with the cost of that one set of camera!!
  23. Plus, you won't be working soon after you go back to HKG, so you would need money.
  24. Ok, that's about it.

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