Had my first Jack Daniel's on my 25th birthday.
Loved it. Never going back to spirits. 
Looking back in the past year, I'm guessing the biggest change would be how I view life and risks.

After failing so many times, I charged into a chicken phase where I would not even try because I had the mindset of "if I don't try then I would never have to cry". So I shut myself out from meeting new friends and taking on challenges. Everyday became simply the same. Bland and emotionless.

And then somebody told me I was wrong. He told me that sometimes there are mistakes to be made and failure to be embraced. If I don't even put in the slightest effort then I would never taste success.

This goes the same with relationships.

I figured I can't always worry about being heartbroken once again. So what if he breaks my heart? So what if I am hurt once again? When it happens then it is what it is. Then I will just have to accept my failure, learn from it, and attempt life again.

And so I wriggled myself out of my comfort zone and opened up to him. And so I fell in love again.

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