Some personal principles.

(1) If you close your door on me...
...once, I would convince myself that it was a mere miscommunication.
...twice, I would feel hurt but would nonetheless try and do my best in expressing myself to you.
...thrice, I would turn around and never, ever, bother you again.

I promise.

Thus if you choose to shut your ears and believe in what you wish to believe without doubt or second consideration, it is absolutely fine with me. Tis your choice and I shalln't force you to change your belief.

(2) Unless necessary (life and death situation), I will not lie.

I can't keep up my lies and I do not plan on training myself doing so. If you ask me to lie about my true feelings, I would rather shut up and keep quiet. Honesty is important in all sorts of relationships. If I have to lie in order to lay my hands on something, I would give up and look for a second option. Who could guarantee I wouldn't find a better second opt?

(3) When judged upon your standards, I wouldn't give a damn about whatever you spit out.

Who gives a fuck about your assessment of who I am when you are basing your arguments on your personal preferences? There is no one on this world who would know me better than I, myself, would. I am rational enough to judge myself and make responsible decisions for my own future. Too rational, sometimes, but it is an important process I value having. I just love talking to my alter ego about my life. My alter ego is just awesome.

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