Hell's February.

After some intense doodling with the Google Calendar, I realized how busy I'll get in Feb. To be honest, I have never imagined third year to be this stressful... Last semester was so relaxing and I did better than fine in the end; this semester seems to be different. Perhaps it's the course content that makes the difference? I dunno. I should've listened to 師姐's advice and not take three mandatory courses together. Crap. What have I gotten myself into??

Anyway, thanks to Google, I realize too soon that I'll have to work during weekends in Feb. Now the rest of January is ruined by all the stress and fear (of the upcoming stress), especially when I glimpse at the agenda, which I shouldn't have built in the beginning. I should've known better. Really.

So I've been nerdy and have been staying at school till around 8pm in the past few days, and have failed to take pictures of the incredible snow up in the mountain (as the snow won't show up nicely in the dark). However, I have managed to take a few yesterday on my way home since I finished studying early.

The snow on the first day of class built up to be horribly tall. It was approximately up to my lower belly? Being 175cm tall, that could be up to some's underarm! (Note: sarcasm unintended.)

Blame the fog if you find my pictures blurry or whatever bad quality shits you can name. Not like I'd care though, it is taken with a cellphone, mind you.

*The snow melting away from the stairs gives me this image of a white lava (?!) monster climbing up the campus to take over our school.

*Here is our Mr. Fox. 你都有今日喇。Would you like a cup of iced water with that? Diet coke?

*I felt so ridiculously old when the lyrics of 陳百強's 煙雨淒迷 came to mind upon seeing this image.... 「迷糊地世界已漸暗,而寒雨紛飛濕透身,瑟縮的兩手,來吧,補傷透這顆心;眼角那淚印,殘留了困惑及疑問,來繼續移近。」 Geez, just how old am I?!

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