Time's up.

Hey jerk,

It's time to keep a distance eh.

I just cannot bear to continue our malnutritious conversations, especially when you intend to either impress or disgust me with your unamusing jokes, impractical ideas, and unimportant speeches on your irrational perspectives on life and society. Do you have any idea how disgusted I was when you talked about homeless people (in your words, beggars) on the street as if they're low-life species? Hey, I don't blame you for not understanding their situation because you're soooo rich and uneducated. But I am a social scientist, mind you. The society and our environment is what I study and observe everyday, and now you're telling me that your point of view is more in depth than mine and I shall hence follow your lead? I don't think so. I was educated to obtain a critical mind of my own and I do not need your help to find my way for me, as I am totally capable of leading myself down the aisle of development without your aid.

What you have been arguing with me have absolutely no back up and is mere bullshit that you rip off of the media. Seriously, I don't blame you for not reading enough, but would you please stop basing everything from what you see on TV or from the magazines that you worship like the holy bible? The media is not always right, and even the newspapers you read everyday can be wrong and biased (if you really did take the time to actually read, that is). What surprised me the most was your unawareness of your lack of knowledge and tendency to contradict your beliefs. I guess I can root them back to your absence of reading and ability to make logical sense, though.

The thing that pissed me off the most, for your information, was how you handled our conversation. When you could not come up with a good enough come back to my argument, you chose to discontinue our debate and conclude saying that I'm right about everything. My initial objective was not to win the debate, but to learn something from it, especially your point of view on a matter that concerns both of us. You have indirectly shamed and insulted me by giving up our conversation with a gesture that you apparently believed to be courteous. I am sorry, but you were wrong. I am not the type of girls who would be satisfied by an acknowledgment that was not even truthful.

Not to mention the fact that you really took my argument as an argument in terms of a verbal fight instead of an effort to convince, have appalled me to the utmost. I cannot believe that an adult male like you can be so ignorant, to the point where you cannot even distinguish the difference between a debate and verbal fight. So I told you, I was not trying to prove anything or trying to argue with you. And what did you say? You said that maybe you felt my intentions wrong, and maybe I should just pretend that you felt it wrong. Hello? Has your skull been hijacked recently? Did your suggestion even made sense? And where's my apology? I truly thought and still think I deserve an apology from you for mistaking me as some bitch trying to argue over something worthless and in the end settling down with a mere pretend.

Jerk, I really thought we could be friends. But you have totally disappointed me to the -19th floor down in hell and I cannot imagine talking to you ever again. Maybe in the future if I happen to see you down the hallway or some street, we could still nod and say hi. That is, if you don't ever try to convince me to believe in something with that poor method of yours. It won't do on me. And I doubt that it'd do on other people. If you're lucky enough, someone will be able to stand your shit and still consider you as a true worthwhile friend. Sorry to have disappointed you, but my EQ is obviously not high enough to do so. Or, perhaps I shall say, let's pretend that I'm not worthwhile to be your friend. If you insist that we should all live a pretentious life like you.

Iris W.

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